Social Outreach SERVICES is a charitable non-profit 501 (C) (3) agency and provides supported community living services for individuals experiencing mental illness.


Social Outreach Services supports individuals in achieving and maintaining a valued role in their community through participation in customer based services that teach empowerment and independence.

* service - Acting selflessly to help the individuals we serve in the community as well as assisting the community itself.

* social justice - Facilitating a socially just world through our actions and interactions as we conduct the duties of our mission.

* dignity and worth of the individual - All people have an innate right to respect and ethical treatment. All people deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Everyone has potential and we desire to facilitate in connecting people with their potential.

* importance of human relationships - All individuals are members of a community and the manner in which we interact and conduct ourselves within that community are important.

Understanding and positive change occurs within human to human contact.

Positive Human relationships encourage collaboration and teamwork.

* integrity - Steadfast adherence to moral and ethical conduct. Utilization of uprightness, honesty, and sincerity in all our decisions and actions.

* competence - Gaining knowledge and wisdom through learning and direct experience. The value of education, mentoring and creating potent leaders.

Social Outreach Services is a social outreach agency that primarily serves people in Iowa City and Johnson County.  SOS is focused on addressing the needs of adults with mental illness, the homeless, and works for social justice.  We serve as a community partner and as agents of change.  SOS is dedicated to collaboration with other organizations and people in the local, regional, national and world communities.  SOS is an inclusive organization; we work to unite people and promote diversity and understanding.  SOS helps facilitate successful and satisfying lives for the people we serve as well as for those who serve as SOS employees.  SOS is a small, tight knit group of dedicated professionals and encourages individual growth, the development of community leaders as well as sustainable and compassionate living.

SOS is a charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) agency and provides supported community living services for individuals experiencing mental illness.  Many of the individuals we serve also experience alcohol and/or substance abuse issues and homelessness.  SOS works to empower the individuals it serves and assist them with increased independence in the community.

SOS is an accredited Iowa Medicaid provider for Home Based HABilitation services
SOS provides Supported Community Living Services in Johnson County


Florence Ejiwale - CEO



Scott Dragoo - Program director 



Anna Schwenker -


Phet Saddakhom - Counselor

Anne Kiche -


Social Outreach Services 
1570 S 1st Avenue Suite J
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
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